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When Kate Feast first formed the agency back in the 1970s what she trusted was her instinct for spotting talent and her own individual drive.  Her fierce independence was based on the ability to recognise talent and the desire to push that talent to full fruition.  Kate's fearlessness led to the agency’s reputation being respected throughout the industry, as it has delivered time and again, discovering and guiding the careers of some of our leading performers.


Today that same keen spirit of independence and ability to represent unique quality remain the hallmark of the agency.  Helen Seagriff and Lisa Stark both worked and developed their skills and experience with Kate and now in partnership with each other they hold true to that original mission statement: An agency is only as strong as its artists.


We represent actors of outstanding talent who work across all genres within the industry and pride ourselves in having an excellent relationship with all our clients as we steer and encourage them to develop and maintain successful careers.


Sadie Feast   Helen Seagriff   Lisa Stark

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